JANUARY NEWSLETTER 2019

                        HAPPY NEW YEAR





The first results from the December night hunt 2018, was a great success with nearly 50 teams participating and Thank you everyone who brought a dish for the potluck.. It was a fantastic meal and we had several people stay and visit around the fire when the hunt was completed.


  We had a GET TO KNOW THE CLAIMS gathering in December which proved to be very helpful to about the 30 people that joined us.. THANK YOU to Dolly and Dennis who painted our border poles orange so that we can all figure out the claim boundaries. If there is more interest Joe can schedule another in January because this was one of the main requests, from members, from our informational packets from the December meeting.


   Now that we starting January with club meeting on January 2nd, we will have more information on club happenings ,meaning the PUSH and information on the hidden chest and wallet .

Our outing will be at MIDDLE CAMP on January 9th with Miners stew and the normal WASHER GAMES, CORN HOLE and possible demonstration of prospecting!


   The SUPER HUNT IS JANUARY 19th and we all need to start getting donations from the town business’s but please sign up at Miners Depot and pick up flyers to hand out the business’s.....

We’re expecting a large amount of hunters and will need many volunteers to plant over 25,000 coins and many tokens. We will start planting at 9:30 and will be using all 6 quadrants and will really need the volunteers. This will be a OUTSTANDING HUNT so we’re looking forward to seeing all of you there!


  February will be a SPECIAL OUTING but we will tell you the specifics at the

February meeting.   Save the DATE OF FEBUARY 13th!


See you at this Wednesday meeting and GOOD HUNTING!