Mike Parker shows off his prize for finding the Treasure Chest! Congratulations Mike!

Mike Parker shows off his prize for finding the Treasure Chest! Congratulations Mike!

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2/19/2018 - Thanks to all of the 20+ volunteers who helped ups mark the new claims yesterday! All new claims are now well marked around the perimeter with intermediate markers made of plastic pipe that has been tipped with orange spray paint. PLEASE respect the mineral rights of adjacent claim owners by staying on club claims.  This entire area is blanketed with claims and claim jumping will not be tolerated. Maps are available in the "Members Only"  section of our website as well as printed copies at Miners Depot! We are already getting reports of nuggets, so HAPPY HUNTING!


2/17/2018 - Thanks to everyone who showed up for the February Coin hunt! we had 54 volunteers which helped to speed up the planting process BIG TIME! Remember that March is the last hunt of the season! If you don't know what that means, show up at our meeting or the hunt to find out!  For time & date, check out our EVENTS page!


REMEMBER - If the wallet is not found by the next meeting in March, the wallet will be recovered and re-hid next season!

-Follow the sunset to where the pavement ends and let Polaris lead the way.

-As the group departs and the fun ends I bask in the midday sun.

-To play this game you will have to get into the swing of things.

-NEW 2/17/18 - As I lay hidden in my sheltered nest, I am cooled by the morning and evening shade


2/14/2018 - The Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club is PROUD to announce that we have just acquired 3 new claims for member use! They are near the middle camp area and are available immediately! Maps and more information will be available in the coming days. This should be a great addition to our claim group and we wish you all the best of luck out there!


2/7/2018 - Thank you for joining us at the February club meeting! I think a great time was had by all! Congratulations to Mike Parker who won the $100 nugget for finding the Treasure Chest! Dr. Eric Melchiorre spoke about "Gold In Nicaragua". and we had many first time visitors!  See you at the Gold Show this weekend and at the outing on Feb 14th @ Middle Camp!


2/7/18: The push has been cancelled for the season due to breakdowns. We have BIG PLANS for next year!  Be at tonight's meeting for all the details!

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Feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions by simply filling out the form when you click "Contact Us" below.  Please note that response times will be slower during our inactive summer months. Memberships cost $20 per individual (minors accompanying a member are free).  We DO NOT mail memberships.  They are available for purchase at our club meetings, coin hunts and also at Miners Depot which is open 6 days a week from Mid-October through Mid April (contact them directly for exact hours in case they are at a special event). Any membership money that is mailed in, including checks will be held at Miners Depot until you arrive to pick up your membership.




PO Box 3102
Quartzsite, AZ 85359-3102


The Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting

These are the judgements and edicts which must be obeyed by all those who wield detectors of metal:

Thou shalt not leave behind unfilled excavations.

Thou shalt not trespass or defy in any way the lawful decrees of thy city, county, state or country.

Thou shalt not harm vegetation, the creatures of the field, natural resources or the personal property of others.

Thou shalt not covet the finds of thy companion. Nor shalt ye covet his metal detector, digging tool or the hallowed ground in which he diggeth.

Thou shalt not ignore nor neglect thy family whilst in the endless pursuit of thy hobby.

Thou shalt assist the distraught owners of lost goods, and the archeolgists, and the enforces of law, and all others who may need thy skill as a metal detectorist.

Thou shalt return found treasures to the proper owners whenever their true identity can be rightfully determined.

Thou shalt report to the proper authorities any finds relating to criminal activity or of archeological significance.

Thou shalt be considerate of others on the beach and in other public places whilst waving thy search coil and digging holes in the sand and the soil.

Thou shalt speak out against the unjust laws and stand firm against the philistines who would cast out all those who use detectors of metal.

And if thou dost not abide by these Commandments, may you be plagued with mineral bearing rocks, hard cracked soil, pestilence, serpents, locusts, poisonous vegetation and great multitudes of pull tabs, bottlecaps and rusty nails. May you spend the remaining years of your wretched life digging signals of false origin. For thy iniquities shall surely bring the overzealous wrath of the ignorant, heathen bureaucrats down upon those of us who are innocent. For we are the righteous and the just, and ye who disobey the Ten Commandments of Metal Detecting are bad.

Author Unknown