Coin Hunts

These hunts are great fun for all ages! Thousands of coins along with tokens good for gold, silver or even metal detectors & more are buried in our hunt field for your detecting pleasure! This event happens on the 3rd Saturday of each month from November through March. Prices depend upon which hunt you participate in, so be sure to check out our events page for all the details. Club members receive a discount.


Save $5 by Helping Us Plant!

We start breaking coin rolls around 9:00 AM and coin planters are asked to be on the field at 9:30 AM for the hunt prep work. All members are welcome to come out and assist with coin planting and a chance for the nuggets and silver to be given away to lucky helpers.

Coin Shooter Hunt Clinic

There will be a new hunter clinic before the hunt. If you would like help setting up your detector, polish your skills, or receive tips from the "Club Pros", just show up and participate. We will make an announcement at the hunt with the exact time.

Prospectors Swap Meet

The club will allow members to display items for sale at the coin hunts, space will be provided to sell your surplus metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. Set up is at 10AM in order to give the club trailer a chance to park in the right spot.




If you do not have a VLF detector, just ask! We usually have enough spares to go around-

Stock coils only, no bigfoot coils are allowed in the hunt-

Headphones required-

A full list of rules is available for viewing at the hunt by request-

The rules will be explained at the orientation at 12:45-