MARCH 2019 NEWSLETTER



The season has gone by so fast, welcome to March and the last of the activities for this mining season!


February was a record-breaking coin hunt with approximately 182 hunters.


We will have the final meeting, for this season, tonight March 6th at 7pm at QIA.


In February Larry and Ilene Beasley put together the metal detecting for the kids in the after-school program, which turned out to be a great success! I would personally like to THANK Larry and Ilene and all the other volunteers, for their support in teaching the kids to metal detect.


March 1st, we put on the panning for the after-school children too, that was also a success thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this come off like clock-work.


The club would like to Thank Steve Hunt for opening his claim to our members to use as our monthly outing... We had a great number of members show and many small nuggets and fines were found. Steve has already committed to doing this again next year and we’re looking forward to it.


March outing will be at Middle Camp on Wednesday the 13th with the usual Miners stew and several games ... come join us for a wonderful outing.


March 16th is the END OF THE SEASON coin hunt and this is always the two-bit Hunt with 16,000 quarters and as a special incentive we are adding 100 Susan B. Anthony dollars... Tokens will be, as usual, metal detector plus $1000 in gold and silver.  After the hunt, there will be a Pizza Party, for all members, at the pavilion shortly after the hunt finishes.


The club would like to Thank everyone for making this season a great success and it flew by so fast that we must have all had fun!


Thank You

Joe & Donna