The kids panning , at the end of february, was a huge success Thanks to all the volunteers that helped

and the kids not only had a fun time they actually learned something too!

  Our monthly meeting will be on March 7th at QIA at 7 pm so be there early and bring your finds for the month to share. We will answer any questions you might have about our 3 new claims and maps will also be available. Some small pickers have already been found on the new claims.

  Thank you to all the volunteers that came out and helped mark the claims as it made the job so much easier and will be easy to maintain the boundaries. Be sure to stay inside our claims when digging or metal detecting , they are well marked.

  The outing will be at Middle camp on March 14th starting at approx 9 am. Remember to bring a can of veggies to add to the Miners stew.  We will have the normal WASHER TOSS, BEAN BAG, AND METAL DETECTOR DEMONSTRATIONS.

  Our monthly coin hung is March 17th and will be the TWO BIT HUNT. We start planting at 9:30am and the hunt will start at 1pm . After the hunt we will go directly to the pavillion for our end of the season pizza party and we will do all the raffles at the pavillion too!

  The season flew by but it sure was a great year for the club !  We as a club grew and was able to meet more then our objectives. I have received many compliments from other outside clubs on how well we run our  coin hunts and how helpful we are with new members and other clubs that come to join us at the hunts.

  We are very proud of our members and how we have all conducted ourselves...Thank You all for showing others that we are a upstanding club...

Joe and Donna Wallingford